Monday, December 28, 2009

Over busy

We often try to take more responsibilities than we capable of achieve. Similarly  we commit so many things without analyzing our limitations.  Finally we become restless and suffer.  But leisurely if you introspect yourself, you will know how much unwarranted commitments you have made. That is why people are telling that we should have courage to tell 'no'  when things are not in our hand.

When we take responsibilities or commit ourselves we must also take care of our own interest and reserve sufficient time for prayer, meditation, introspection, walking and   physical exercises. Make these as part of routines of  the day, this will remove restlessness and will give peace to mind. It may not be possible everything at one stroke, try one by one, start with prayer every day, after some days add meditation, etc.  .What is required is only your interest ! Definitely our life will be with peace of mind. Good day. 

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Interpersonal Relationship

We come across people often used to say that I am sincere and hard working but people surrounding me are not happy with me. We feel some kind of uneasyness, frustration  and also feel that our relationship with colleagues is not pleasant. Though there are many reasons for this, a reason which we can not ignore is our "interpersonal relationship". 

Why we lack in maintaining 'interpersonal relationship'? We think that we know everything, why should care about others.  You may think that  you have enough 'subject knowledge' and do not want anybodies support.  But others' perception may be different and which may not be told openly.  The result is that  you will not get whole hearted support and silly breaks will be made on your efforts.  Though you may not need support from others, but mind that people can harm you when opportunity comes, if your relationship is not cordial.

More than subject knowledge  skill to develop to interpesonal relationship is need of the hour.  .Peace of Mind in Life.  can be ensured by maintaining  cordial interpersonal relationship with colleagues, family members and with society.  

Maharishi gives many tips:

  • Never think you are big, unchallengeable.
  • Avoid unwarranted comments and loose talks.
  • Handle matters with diplomacy.
  • Do not discuss all matters with everybody.
  • D not offer suggestions unless asked for.
  • Be flexible with your ideas.
  • Vounteer yourself for compromise, it will help in long way. 
Even just say "Good morning" will improve your "interpersonal relationship", whether improve it or not, if you do not say at required place, it may hurt you! .GOOD DAY !!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Habit And Wisdom

When I started to write for this blog, I often asked myself what for I am doing this, I am not a professional writer, can I write continuously, then why? But my mind reminded me that I have benefited lot from the association with Vethathiri Maharishi in getting peace of mind and such similar benefit should go to society at large. Also I thought that whether others are benefiting or not at least for writing these blogs I would read Maharishi's books and my consciousness will remind me to practice what I am writing.

Thought for this week - Often people are sad and feel restlessness and disappointments. A man does a wrong one knowingly  as he  does not have will-power to resist from doing wrong thing. Why ? Maharishi expalins  that  there is a gap between knowledge and practice, because old habits acquired through decades cannot be shed that easily. Even though man thinks that he should change his habits, he is unable to do so. Because his consciousness was engaged in the sensual activity for a long period, will-power and awareness have become dormant. As a result of new understanding, moral consciousness gradually develops now and makes him realise the evils of his habits. The stage is now attained where he can neither neglect what he has understood nor can change his habits. In between habit and wisdom, he is struggling. It is here that restlessness and disappointments are felt. Every now and then he fells sad within himself. Harmony in life is disturbed. Until this gap is filled, he cannot obtain satisfaction and peace.

There is a way out! My wisdom says that I should get up every day at 5 o' clock in the morning in order to complete my routines like walking, physical exercise and meditation but habit does not allow me to get up before 6 o'clock in the morning, that no walking, no physical exercise, no meditation resulting in mental stress. How to fill this gap between wisdom and habit ?

Now I make a auto suggestion that tomorrow I will get up at 5.45 a.m and I will try to repeat the same for next one week. Can I achieve? Yes, ofcourse, with little efforts! If I succeed for one week, then what is the problem for continuing further! On this success, my auto suggestion revised to 5.30 a.m, 5.15 a.m  and 5.00 a.m. Now I am able to get up at 4.30 a.m. By this process I realised and have decided to go to bed early without wasting time.

Similarly we can change any habit to match with our wisdom. Enjoy Peace of Mind in Life.  



Sunday, December 6, 2009

Short temper for short moment


Dear Blog viewer, this is my maiden blog and seek your guidance and valuable feedback. 

I used to loose my temper for silly reasons. Also worried for nothing. But now I am different, though not completely, I am gradually changing myself. Great Philosopher of 20th century Vethathiri Maharishi has shown me a way - concepts of simplified kundalini yoga meditation,   simplified physical exercises, kayakalpa exercises and introspection courses. These  concepts  are shaping my life. Through this blog I would like to share my experiences.  My sincere thanks to Shri R. Badri Narayanan for educating me in writing these blogs. 

Problems what we perceive is not a problem, our way of reaction to the problem is the real problem. We loose temper for very short period and suffer for ever.

Consider a situation which is prevailing in common -

Morning 8 o'clock, husband getting ready to leave for office and sitting in the table for breakfast, daughter who is in hurry to catch school bus also in table for breakfast and wife is serving the food.

Daughter, who finished her breakfast, suddenly, mistakenly dropped her plate which resulted in spoiling the dress of father. What happens? Father became wild, shouting her daughter in high pitch and also shouted wife blaming why she has not kept ready the food in advance!

Next reaction - daughter crying and wife also shouting on husband. Daughter now to catch school bus, normally wife used to take her in two wheeler and drop her for bus. But, to day wife refused and asked him to drop her. Husband who again changed his dress also refused stating that he is already delayed. Wife was adamant and husband took her in his car for school bus, by that time, school bus gone. No other go except to leave the daughter to school in his car and then go office.

Reached office belatedly after signing in the late attendance register. When important file was called, he realized that he has forgotten to bring locker key from home. Got extensive firing from boss. He paid back all those firings on sub ordinates.

Evening went home, no one speaks. Dinner ready at table, no one for serving, no one for company. The whole day was miserable.

Why wife refused to drop daughter for school bus? why school bus left? why late to office? why key was forgotten? why firing from boss? why the whole day was unpleasant?

why all these? who is responsible? what went wrong? Is it not two or three minutes shouting for a silly reason! Short temper for short moment, but consequences!

Instead if father, politely warned her and ignored the incident, adjusted to the  situation things would have been altogether different. The same kind of situation may come in office, in public place, etc. Let us practice, including myself, to avoid short temper for any moment.