Sunday, December 20, 2009

Interpersonal Relationship

We come across people often used to say that I am sincere and hard working but people surrounding me are not happy with me. We feel some kind of uneasyness, frustration  and also feel that our relationship with colleagues is not pleasant. Though there are many reasons for this, a reason which we can not ignore is our "interpersonal relationship". 

Why we lack in maintaining 'interpersonal relationship'? We think that we know everything, why should care about others.  You may think that  you have enough 'subject knowledge' and do not want anybodies support.  But others' perception may be different and which may not be told openly.  The result is that  you will not get whole hearted support and silly breaks will be made on your efforts.  Though you may not need support from others, but mind that people can harm you when opportunity comes, if your relationship is not cordial.

More than subject knowledge  skill to develop to interpesonal relationship is need of the hour.  .Peace of Mind in Life.  can be ensured by maintaining  cordial interpersonal relationship with colleagues, family members and with society.  

Maharishi gives many tips:

  • Never think you are big, unchallengeable.
  • Avoid unwarranted comments and loose talks.
  • Handle matters with diplomacy.
  • Do not discuss all matters with everybody.
  • D not offer suggestions unless asked for.
  • Be flexible with your ideas.
  • Vounteer yourself for compromise, it will help in long way. 
Even just say "Good morning" will improve your "interpersonal relationship", whether improve it or not, if you do not say at required place, it may hurt you! .GOOD DAY !!


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  1. Nice words to begin the week.. Great week ahead:-)