Monday, December 28, 2009

Over busy

We often try to take more responsibilities than we capable of achieve. Similarly  we commit so many things without analyzing our limitations.  Finally we become restless and suffer.  But leisurely if you introspect yourself, you will know how much unwarranted commitments you have made. That is why people are telling that we should have courage to tell 'no'  when things are not in our hand.

When we take responsibilities or commit ourselves we must also take care of our own interest and reserve sufficient time for prayer, meditation, introspection, walking and   physical exercises. Make these as part of routines of  the day, this will remove restlessness and will give peace to mind. It may not be possible everything at one stroke, try one by one, start with prayer every day, after some days add meditation, etc.  .What is required is only your interest ! Definitely our life will be with peace of mind. Good day. 


  1. rightly said!! priority should be our first priority!!

  2. Your expressions are good. Your views are noteworthy. Pl continue to write. YOu are a good writer. Why do you have doubts about it. As and when you write Maharishi will be with you to give right phrases in right moments. Congratulations and wishing you all the best in this fruitful endeavour-Thilaga.