Sunday, December 6, 2009

Short temper for short moment


Dear Blog viewer, this is my maiden blog and seek your guidance and valuable feedback. 

I used to loose my temper for silly reasons. Also worried for nothing. But now I am different, though not completely, I am gradually changing myself. Great Philosopher of 20th century Vethathiri Maharishi has shown me a way - concepts of simplified kundalini yoga meditation,   simplified physical exercises, kayakalpa exercises and introspection courses. These  concepts  are shaping my life. Through this blog I would like to share my experiences.  My sincere thanks to Shri R. Badri Narayanan for educating me in writing these blogs. 

Problems what we perceive is not a problem, our way of reaction to the problem is the real problem. We loose temper for very short period and suffer for ever.

Consider a situation which is prevailing in common -

Morning 8 o'clock, husband getting ready to leave for office and sitting in the table for breakfast, daughter who is in hurry to catch school bus also in table for breakfast and wife is serving the food.

Daughter, who finished her breakfast, suddenly, mistakenly dropped her plate which resulted in spoiling the dress of father. What happens? Father became wild, shouting her daughter in high pitch and also shouted wife blaming why she has not kept ready the food in advance!

Next reaction - daughter crying and wife also shouting on husband. Daughter now to catch school bus, normally wife used to take her in two wheeler and drop her for bus. But, to day wife refused and asked him to drop her. Husband who again changed his dress also refused stating that he is already delayed. Wife was adamant and husband took her in his car for school bus, by that time, school bus gone. No other go except to leave the daughter to school in his car and then go office.

Reached office belatedly after signing in the late attendance register. When important file was called, he realized that he has forgotten to bring locker key from home. Got extensive firing from boss. He paid back all those firings on sub ordinates.

Evening went home, no one speaks. Dinner ready at table, no one for serving, no one for company. The whole day was miserable.

Why wife refused to drop daughter for school bus? why school bus left? why late to office? why key was forgotten? why firing from boss? why the whole day was unpleasant?

why all these? who is responsible? what went wrong? Is it not two or three minutes shouting for a silly reason! Short temper for short moment, but consequences!

Instead if father, politely warned her and ignored the incident, adjusted to the  situation things would have been altogether different. The same kind of situation may come in office, in public place, etc. Let us practice, including myself, to avoid short temper for any moment.

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