Thursday, January 28, 2010



Generally it is believed that "desire" is the root-cause of all the miseries of man. It is being preached that if man wishes to be liberated from misery, he should give up desire in all forms. Is it so? 

When the desire occurs with awareness after scrutiny, then such desire may be for a purposeful life. Desire is the proof of functioning of life and there is nothing wrong in it. Vethathiri Maharishi says that desire becomes harmful and sinful only when it grows beyond limits and causes pain to self or others at present or in future. 

Desire should be allowed and directed to function in relation to satisfying natural  needs, so that fulfillment may not disturb one's peace of mind. In the long run, if an unnecessary desire is left unchecked and allowed to be repeated as a habit, it will become a psychic disease of man.

Desire will produce its result in time, according to its strength and pressure, provided its fulfilment is possible under the law of nature.

Hence the desire should always be with awareness and should be regulated, if one wants to enjoy a peaceful life. How to regulate desires? ... We will meet soon !

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