Sunday, January 24, 2010



Many times we forget to hug our dads and tell him that we love him. We show our affections largely to mother, occasionally to father. We assume him to be a service provider for the family and he is expected to meet wishes of everybody. We fail to recognise his difficulties and his hard work to meet our requirements. 

When we grow up, we argue for everything that he advises us, as though we know everything and we only more fit for this world. But later date we may realise how much he has sacrificed for us and how he protected us against many odds, but that realisation may be too late.      

Recently I read,

Love your elders - God will love you ;
Respect your elders - Society will respect you ;
Care for your elders -  your children will care for you ;

Yes, it is true ! Let us explicitlly express our affection to our elders including our dad and respect them and make them feel that we are with them.

Happy day ! 

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