Saturday, January 16, 2010

Expecting Recognition ?

We have done some thing new or completed the difficult task within the time frame and expecting recognition. Are we getting recognition as we expected, answer is 'no'. May be for name shake from somebody! People are jealous, their ego will not permit. Even somebody praise, may be because you are in power or they may expect some thing from you. If you loose your power they will talk all negatives about you. 

There are people they will appreciate only in person,  one to one situation, thier ego will not permit them to appreciate in public or in open forum. Few others are always expect appreciation even for routine matters but they never appreciate others. 

What we can do? Why we kill our self in striving for recognition?  We have certain duties and responsibilities. We will do our duty ethically and sincerely, we will get whatever we deserve, no body can stop it. 

On the other hand, we can appreciate others! Why don't we make it a point that we should appreciate  at least one person each day for the services they have done or for their contribution to the welfare of any individual, corporation, society, etc.


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