Saturday, January 30, 2010

Regulate desires


It is nothing wrong to have desires as long as it serves the the purpose of life. It should only be assured that no harm can arise to self or others, at present or in the future, either mentally or physically. 

We are aware that human mind can generate hundreds of desires at a stroke but most of the desires can not be achieved in practical terms. The result is frustration and vexation. Hence it is necessary to regulate our desires to lead a better, healthy and peaceful life.

.Vethathiri Maharishi gives a simple formula. Whenever a desire comes often to mind, analyse and ask yourself the following:

* Past experience on account of similar desire
* Can I not live without this material or enjoyment or person
* What will be the pros and cons on enjoyment of this desire
* Whether I have mental, physical and financial strength to achieve the desire

In this process one can eliminate the unwanted and unnecessary desires and can have only minimum, practically possible desires. This exercises should be repeated as long as we have a strong conclusion and when it is concluded we should have a auto suggestion to fulfill the desire. Please practice and have peaceful life. HAPPY DAY.   

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