Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nature and Will

Every day we face number of inconveniences, irritations, disturbance to mind - Why it happens? Can we avoid it? Yes, we can, we need to aware the role of NATURE and WILL. Unlike other living beings, man is a peculiar phenomenon comprised of dual forces, Nature and Will. 

Nature and will are in constant conflict, one striving to overcome the other. In other living beings, Will is subdued by Nature, and as a result, there is no conflict between Nature and Will. Whereas Will in men is powerful, and always tries to overcome Nature. Will registers some success and failure every now and then through its actions. Until perfection is achieved through accurately assessing the relative strength of Will and Nature, possibilities of failure will exist in every moment of action.

People in their effort to subdue Nature, by taking an incorrect approach through Will, creates more problems than it solves. Even though there are solutions to all problems, the intervening period between problem and solution becomes one of trouble and disturbance both to the body and to the mind.

To make our life purposeful and to enjoy happiness, success, peace and harmony, Maharishi says that we should simultaneously maintain harmony in our thought and deed with three things in mind i.e. (1) the creation of problems produced by Will should be reduced and stopped (2) ability to solve the problems arising from the law of Nature should be developed and (3) the opportunity for everyone in society to enjoy his birthright, and full freedom, should be developed and maintained.
How to maintain? We will meet again. . HAPPY DAY.     

Saturday, February 27, 2010

No anger

In order to avoid the habit of getting angry every time Maharishi has given us set of tips to practice. In short, list the people on whom we often get angry and introspect ourselves who is responsible for such situation. He also posed a question whether we can achieve things by getting angry. He further suggested to bring that person into our mind and say that such happenings will not arise in future.      

In spite of all, if our habit is not changed, he asks us to fore go a breakfast or lunch or dinner as a mark of self punishment. During such fast we will be forced to introspect ourselves and our auto suggestion will be strengthened.

In performance of our day to day functions, we may need to use authoritative tone to get things done. In such occasions, one may act as though got angry , but without actually getting angry. 
If a person wants to be peaceful and a happy person, he has to eradicate all emotions. Among the emotions, the most evil one is anger. If we are successful in neutralizing our anger, we will have more awareness. 

Through this awareness we can conserve our energy and we will get more success and pleasure in every aspect of our life.

The practices given by Maharishi takes only few minutes. .Try sincerely and you will be amazed at the results.    

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Anger continues?

Humble submission, by writing this blog I am not trying preach or giving advice and claim that I am 100% following whatever said. My only intention is that at least by writing this I may try to follow whatever we discuss. 

We have seen Maharishi's tips to control anger! Suppose our habit of getting angry continues, what to do? Maharishi continues! As mentioned earlier bring that person to your mind and remember his face and repeat the words i.e 

"I should not get angry with you again. Because of my angry, I lost energy,  physical and mental health. So in  my own interest, I should be at peace with you. Be blessed. For your part, you should not be angry with me. I have decided to be tolerant with you, whenever I am with you. I will be careful not to get angry". Make this several times as auto suggestion. 

Imagine yourself in circumstances under which your anger arises. Remembering the words or actions of the situation which annoys you, confirm your resolution and prepare your self to meet such a situation unemotionally and tolerantly whenever it arises again. Then, whenever you see that person, these thoughts  of sublimation will arise and act.

Try to conduct yourself with understanding and awareness for a few days; you will not become angry with that person. If, however, despite this, you still forget yourself on occasion, it only means that the auto suggestion has not picked up sufficient strength. Strengthen your resolve and get back to the practice sincerely and for a longer time. You must repeat the same words as many times as you think necessary.  Then try being with that person in a state of due awareness. .Sincere practice will only give result.

Anger still continues? We will discuss further.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tackle Anger

We know anger is the worst enemy of mankind. Unless anger is tackled then and there and avoided one cannot get peace or happiness in life. For peaceful life one should not get angry under any circumstance. 

Is it practically possible. Yes, it is possible, Vethathiri Maharishi gives a solution! Get a paper and pen, draw few columns. In the first column list the people with whom you are prone to get angry often, in decreasing order. Now you think about the first person of the list and ask yourself why do you get angry with this person. Write down your answer in second column. Now write your answer to a question, "Is the fault wholly that person's action or I too?" in third column. 

Let your replies be a honest one. In case the other person is responsible, ask yourself can I succeed in rectifying it through my anger? If the answer is 'yes' then why are you get angry often with that person? it should have been rectified by now? i.e the answer is 'no' only ! Is it worth spoiling the relationship for the reasons you became angry from time to time !

Now you conclude your findings. Bring the person with whom you often get angry into your mind and say "I should not get angry with you again. Because of my angry, I lost energy, loosing physical and mental health. So in  my own interest, I should be at peace with you. Be blessed. For your part, you should not be angry with me. I have decided to be tolerant with you, whenever I am with you. I will be careful not to get angry". Repeat the words several times as auto suggestion and wish the other person, you will find dramatic change in your relationship.  Similarly this exercise can be practiced for all the persons in the list.  

We will continue ....  HAPPY DAY