Sunday, February 21, 2010

Anger continues?

Humble submission, by writing this blog I am not trying preach or giving advice and claim that I am 100% following whatever said. My only intention is that at least by writing this I may try to follow whatever we discuss. 

We have seen Maharishi's tips to control anger! Suppose our habit of getting angry continues, what to do? Maharishi continues! As mentioned earlier bring that person to your mind and remember his face and repeat the words i.e 

"I should not get angry with you again. Because of my angry, I lost energy,  physical and mental health. So in  my own interest, I should be at peace with you. Be blessed. For your part, you should not be angry with me. I have decided to be tolerant with you, whenever I am with you. I will be careful not to get angry". Make this several times as auto suggestion. 

Imagine yourself in circumstances under which your anger arises. Remembering the words or actions of the situation which annoys you, confirm your resolution and prepare your self to meet such a situation unemotionally and tolerantly whenever it arises again. Then, whenever you see that person, these thoughts  of sublimation will arise and act.

Try to conduct yourself with understanding and awareness for a few days; you will not become angry with that person. If, however, despite this, you still forget yourself on occasion, it only means that the auto suggestion has not picked up sufficient strength. Strengthen your resolve and get back to the practice sincerely and for a longer time. You must repeat the same words as many times as you think necessary.  Then try being with that person in a state of due awareness. .Sincere practice will only give result.

Anger still continues? We will discuss further.


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