Saturday, February 27, 2010

No anger

In order to avoid the habit of getting angry every time Maharishi has given us set of tips to practice. In short, list the people on whom we often get angry and introspect ourselves who is responsible for such situation. He also posed a question whether we can achieve things by getting angry. He further suggested to bring that person into our mind and say that such happenings will not arise in future.      

In spite of all, if our habit is not changed, he asks us to fore go a breakfast or lunch or dinner as a mark of self punishment. During such fast we will be forced to introspect ourselves and our auto suggestion will be strengthened.

In performance of our day to day functions, we may need to use authoritative tone to get things done. In such occasions, one may act as though got angry , but without actually getting angry. 
If a person wants to be peaceful and a happy person, he has to eradicate all emotions. Among the emotions, the most evil one is anger. If we are successful in neutralizing our anger, we will have more awareness. 

Through this awareness we can conserve our energy and we will get more success and pleasure in every aspect of our life.

The practices given by Maharishi takes only few minutes. .Try sincerely and you will be amazed at the results.    

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