Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nature and Will

Every day we face number of inconveniences, irritations, disturbance to mind - Why it happens? Can we avoid it? Yes, we can, we need to aware the role of NATURE and WILL. Unlike other living beings, man is a peculiar phenomenon comprised of dual forces, Nature and Will. 

Nature and will are in constant conflict, one striving to overcome the other. In other living beings, Will is subdued by Nature, and as a result, there is no conflict between Nature and Will. Whereas Will in men is powerful, and always tries to overcome Nature. Will registers some success and failure every now and then through its actions. Until perfection is achieved through accurately assessing the relative strength of Will and Nature, possibilities of failure will exist in every moment of action.

People in their effort to subdue Nature, by taking an incorrect approach through Will, creates more problems than it solves. Even though there are solutions to all problems, the intervening period between problem and solution becomes one of trouble and disturbance both to the body and to the mind.

To make our life purposeful and to enjoy happiness, success, peace and harmony, Maharishi says that we should simultaneously maintain harmony in our thought and deed with three things in mind i.e. (1) the creation of problems produced by Will should be reduced and stopped (2) ability to solve the problems arising from the law of Nature should be developed and (3) the opportunity for everyone in society to enjoy his birthright, and full freedom, should be developed and maintained.
How to maintain? We will meet again. . HAPPY DAY.     

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