Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tackle Anger

We know anger is the worst enemy of mankind. Unless anger is tackled then and there and avoided one cannot get peace or happiness in life. For peaceful life one should not get angry under any circumstance. 

Is it practically possible. Yes, it is possible, Vethathiri Maharishi gives a solution! Get a paper and pen, draw few columns. In the first column list the people with whom you are prone to get angry often, in decreasing order. Now you think about the first person of the list and ask yourself why do you get angry with this person. Write down your answer in second column. Now write your answer to a question, "Is the fault wholly that person's action or I too?" in third column. 

Let your replies be a honest one. In case the other person is responsible, ask yourself can I succeed in rectifying it through my anger? If the answer is 'yes' then why are you get angry often with that person? it should have been rectified by now? i.e the answer is 'no' only ! Is it worth spoiling the relationship for the reasons you became angry from time to time !

Now you conclude your findings. Bring the person with whom you often get angry into your mind and say "I should not get angry with you again. Because of my angry, I lost energy, loosing physical and mental health. So in  my own interest, I should be at peace with you. Be blessed. For your part, you should not be angry with me. I have decided to be tolerant with you, whenever I am with you. I will be careful not to get angry". Repeat the words several times as auto suggestion and wish the other person, you will find dramatic change in your relationship.  Similarly this exercise can be practiced for all the persons in the list.  

We will continue ....  HAPPY DAY


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  1. Well i believe anger is son of ego..The feeling of 'I' is the sole cause of anger and when a person becomes "samdarshi" or views everyone equally he surpasses anger.So I believe the simple way to tackle anger is tackle your ego.