Friday, March 12, 2010

Disturbance to mind

Our mind is often disturbed, we feel pain, misery. Because we forget Law of nature, i.e. cause and effect system. 

To make our life purposeful and to enjoy peace and harmony, one must 
(a) regulate his moral behavior;
(b) achieve sufficient material prosperity in society and
(c) realize the Law of Nature and its unfailing cause and effect system.

If these three basic requirements are ignored, neglected, at least proportionately,  one has to face pain, misery and disturbances to mind.

We must have an awareness that every action will have reaction and what what we sow only what we reap. We have to think only positive, talk positive and act positive. Even in our mind / by words / by act, let us not harm others, definitely our life will be peaceful. We also should practice, adjustment, tolerance and forgiveness.

.Practice and enjoy     

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