Saturday, August 21, 2010


I gentlemen is having a habit of making "annadhanam" (distribution of free food) on Amavaisai days (new moon day - monthly once). But his problem is that nobody is appreciating his efforts. When enquired it is learnt that some people are cursing him for not giving food when they requested on non-Amavasai days. 

The peoples' complaint is that during Amavasai days many people are offering food and the food is available in plenty, whereas in other days getting food is not guaranteed. When few people, during non-amavasai days, approached this gentlemen for food with so much of hungry he refused to give food and also told that he is giving food monthly once to all. He felt that people not having any gratitude for his service. .

Where is the problem? Hungry is one which has to be fulfilled immediately, there is no point in giving super food varieties when the food is available already and feel proud that we have done a wonderful service. For people when they are hungry even a cup of plain rice or minimum food will satisfy them instead of claiming credit that we have given super foods (when the food is available even otherwise). 

HELP or SERVICE will be recognised only when it is done, at the time of requirement / required fashion, not when done at our convenient time / fashion. 

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