Friday, November 12, 2010

Career guidance

Recently I read an article written by Shri N.C. Sridharan, Director (Finance) Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited (CPCL), Manali, Chennai - 68, wherein he has shared his thoughts on Do’s and Don’ts in career Development. The article gives specific guidance for peaceful career and life. It is useful and worth to remember. 

Read in his words ….

I learnt these lessons in the context of my early career days. I would like to share the deeper life lessons that I have learned. My sincere hope is that this sharing will help you to see your own trial and tribulation for the hidden blessings they can be. With this, I will now share some thoughts on Do’s and Don’ts in career development.

The first lesson I would like to share is ask for yourself, don’t compare with others. The grass on other side, always seems to be green, you see others who have achieved, some level of success, instantly wonder how you might be able to do the same. Comparing yourself with others doesn’t get you very far. In the beginning of my career, I was annoyed when I saw some one getting promoted which I deserved. Later, I understood that comparing us with others would not take us anywhere, instead, quit worrying about what others are doing and focus on exploring what you are good at.

The second important lesson is rectifying mistakes instead of being pointed out by others. It is always easy to point out others mistake. If we really care for ourselves we should learn to accept our own mistakes. Instead attempt to show that we are correct. The best leadership quality is that as soon as we understand that we have made a mistake accept it and correct it immediately.

The third lesson is Be friendly to foe – Try to mingle with others when you attend seminars and workshops. Gain new friends and share experience with them. Your mutual appreciation group will never create problem to you. Hence, greet people hostile to you, rather than greeting your friends who will never do any harm to you.

Next important lesson, I would like to share is Always work sincerely everyday. Don’t sit back and relax during cooling period of your service and start working only when you become eligible for promotion.

The fifth and the foremost lesson is Decide specialist vs Generalist function – which path to choose, whether, to dig deeper and deeper in one specific area of an industry or technology, or look wider and wider to comprehend the dynamics involved in the entire sector? Which path you should choose should be decided in the start of the career and focus on your core area of interest.

The sixth lesson is never take mobility as a constraint Change will allow us to grow and develop. Always keep your mind open for change. Never keep mobility a constraint.

Next important lesson is on presentation in a group. Don’t be in a hurry to express you ideas. Adopt wait and watch situation, you will get a chance to speak and express your ideas clearly to impress them.

Next lesson is inspiring your boss to come up and fulfill his promises. Always work along with your team and its vision.

And as a final word, I would like to quote Bhagavath Gita, Do your duty to the best of your abilities, without self-centered motive. expresses sincere thanks to Shri N. C. Sridharan, Director (Finance), CPCL, Chennai.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Matured enough

Tough times were designed by life in order to strengthen us to face the challenges of today and to make us matured enough for tomorrow.