Friday, December 24, 2010

Drop negative thinkings

There is a complaint from my friend. "I am not able sleep well at night because I live in an area where there are plenty of street dogs and they keep barking till morning".
He was told, "When you hear the barking, just drop the anger and negative feelings that you get. Just listen to the barking sound without resisting. Tell yourself that the dogs are barking, that is all. Do not allow yourself to react. The problem is not the barking, but your resistance to it".

He tried and changed his though process gradually,
"The dogs are barking. It is spoiling my sleep..."
"Yes, dogs are barking, let it do, it is natural each animal makes some sound"
"I am no way reason for that barking, why should I react"
"I am getting sleep, I sleep now"
He slept well. We often get similar situations and make ourselves tensed. Why dogs are barking, even human beings do .... We can avoid such situations if we know to drop our negative reactions and ignore such happenings.

We need not react for everything, keep mum solves many troubles.