Saturday, August 3, 2013

Wait !

Saying 'Sorry' is like using one of those erasers on the top of a pencil. It's easy to use, it feels like you have erased what was written, but the marks remain on the sheet of paper forever. 

In this era of instant messaging and on-the-go e-mails, it becomes even more important to watch our words. If you are upset and want to shoot off an angry e-mail or message, hold it! Draft a mail perhaps - but leave it as a draft. Don't hit the 'send' button whilst you are angry. 

Tell yourself that you will take a look at it the next morning and only then send it. Chances are, with a cooler head the next morning, you will realise the folly of sending out the angry email. And it does not matter that you are in the right or that you think your anger is justified.  

Next time you are angry and want to say something, take a deep breath, pause and maybe say nothing at all.

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